“Click + Collect” – Keeping Physical Retailers Relevant

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Businesses that connect online shopping options with in-store services are returning to growth mode. The assumed demise of bricks-and-mortar retail stores in the age of e-commerce doesn’t appear to be playing out the way the real estate industry thought it would. In fact, a melding of in-store and online services—even for some brands that started out

Attract Customers By Designing Experience-based, Flexible Retail Space

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Brick-and-mortar renovations focus on experiences and flexibility to attract customers and maximize profitability. Not so long ago, retail space would get a facelift every five to seven years, but the influence of the digital world and the culture of automatic updates have changed expectations of how shopping in the real world looks and feels,

Mixed-Use Properties: A Convenient Option for Shoppers

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As retail developers and owners adjust to a more competitive environment, evaluating the highest and best uses of their developments is crucial. Properties that incorporate a mix of uses are top-of-mind for developers and consumers alike as they appeal to a growing demand for convenience, instant gratification, and the all-encompassing experience. Retailers, restaurants, entertainment,

Can AI Really Predict When a Tenant is About to Vacate?

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Latest Disruptive Technologies Arrive to Commercial Real Estate It's an exciting time for the Real Estate industry. While the benefits of AI and Machine Learning are well acknowledged across dozens of verticals, CRE has traditionally been a few steps behind in terms of digital transformation. According to the Forbes Real Estate Council, this is